“Tangled Ashes” by Michele Phoenix

Author Michele Phoenix has weaved a tale set in 21st century France in a chateau or manor with a haunting past from the time of German occupation during World War II. She weaves a tapestry of wounded actors who must deal with demons of today and yesterday. The novel grips the reader and its length of 371 pages affords an easy digest. Tangled Ashes offers the best of historical fiction with a touch of mystery and foreboding of secrets that were considered buried.

Marshall Becker, an architect with issues in need of closure along with a drinking problem, agrees to renovate a broken castle in Lamorlaye, France. The keeper of the home, Jade, who is a nanny with her own issues, confronts Becker and manages the present day owner’s children. The rush to finish an extensive refurbishment causes great angst in Becker who becomes perhaps the most sympathetic character. Becker must deal with the hidden tragedies of the French maids who became entangled in a project of the devious Himmler of Germany’s wartime government.

I enjoy history and I love the way the history of the chateau was brought out and tied into the present. The author, Michele Phoenix, provides a suspense thriller through leaving the reader guessing through the entire story.

I was provided a free copy of the book for review by Handlebar and was asked for my honest review. These are all my honest reflections upon this novel.


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